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My Life – Marcel Reich-Ranicki

Director: Dror Zahavi

The main character of the film, Marcel Reich-Ranicki, was a Polish Jew who grew in Germany during the inter-war era. Marcel loved German literature and culture but despite this he had to suffer from persecution. Still he believed that not every German is an evil Nazi and he never lost his faith in the more civilized Germany. The big problem in his life was that he never really seemed to find his place, for the Nazis he was a Jew, for the Poles he was an "admirer of Hitler's language" and for the Soviets he was an SS collaborator because he had worked as an interpreter. The movie ends when Marcel moves to the West Germany and eventually finds his place as a celebrated literature critic.

My Life – Marcel Reich-Ranicki My Life – Marcel Reich-Ranicki My Life – Marcel Reich-Ranicki