Annette Focks wins the German Television Award 2005

The German Television Award 2005 in the category "Best Music" goes to:

Annette Focks for

  • Bella Block: … for they know not what they do (ZDF/Objectiv Film)
  • The Canterville Ghost (Sat.1/Roxy Film GmbH&Co. KG/Schesch Filmproduktion GmbH)
  • The Cherry Queen (ZDF/ARTE/ndF neue deutsche Filmgesellschaft mbH),
  • Maria's Last Journey (ARD/BR/TV60Filmproduktion GmbH) and
  • Waves (ZDF/ARTE/Ziegler Film GmbH & Co. KG/LKS Lithuanian Film Studio).

Other nominations:

Jo Barnikel and Stephan Wildfeuer for

  • Section 40 (RTL/typhoon films)

Ralf Wienrich for

  • Bella Block: The Freedom of Wolves (ZDF/Objectiv Film GmbH)

The awarding of the prize to Annette Focks did not come as a great surprise. Just how busy the composer is can be seen from the no less than five films for which she was awarded. While Jo Barnikel and Stephan Wildfeuer, as newcomers, only had an outside chance, only Ralf Wienrich, with his very appealing film score for an episode of the crime series Bella Block, could pose a threat to Annette Focks. Ralf Wienrich and Annette Focks are among the most promising composers on the German film music scene.
The award ceremony on Sat 1, on the other hand, was indicative of the way film music, and supposedly secondary film categories in general, are handled in their presentation to the public: the composer was shown for no less than two seconds holding up the award in her seat in the audience. The Oscars seem to be a bad model here as well. Nevertheless, we hope that Annette Focks will be able to raise her profile, at least within the scene, by receiving this award.

von Mike Beilfuß